Controls & Calibrators

When it comes to sourcing high quality, extremely stable quality control materials for their instruments and reagents, diagnostics manufacturers around the world turn to Aalto Scientific. For more than thirty-five years, Aalto has been producing custom manufactured quality control sera on an OEM or private label basis. We also provide laboratory proficiency specimens to such prestigious organizations as the College of American Pathologists (USA) and The Royal College of Pathologists of Australia.


In healthy people, procalcitonin (PCT) is produced in thyroid cells as a precursor for the hormone calcitonin and cannot be found in human blood. However, bacterial infections cause PCT to be produced by almost every organ of the body, resulting in a rapid rise of PCT levels in the blood.

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Special Diabetes

This product provides quality control material for plasma tests for diagnosing and monitoring diabetes, as opposed to HbA1c which is a whole blood test. Fructosamine is analogous to, and is formed by the same chemistry as, glycated hemoglobin.

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Sweat Analysis Controls

Aalto’s Sweat Analysis controls mimic human sweat, and are intended to monitor the effectiveness of sweat analysis for electrolytes, conductivity and the diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis.

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